Antiques for the chuck wagon chef or the old west re-enactor. 

These are antique culinary utensils that would pertain to the mid to late Victorian era and would be appropriate for stocking a period ranch kitchen or a chuck wagon.  These items would be fairly typical for the day and would likely be found in the Victorian home.  While some of these items would seem to be out of context in relation to a chuck wagon, they are accurate for the period.  Many of the items listed in this section correspond to recipes that can be found in the recipe section of this web site.  The items are categorized according to function. 


Chuck Wagon Antiques, Victorian antiques.

Spice Sets and Tins

Up until the early 1900’s spices were difficult to obtain and the selection was limited. Spices were expensive enough that they were typically kept in a locking tin or chest of some sort. The following are examples of Victorian spice sets.

Antique Spice Set

Here is a beautiful early spice set in Excellent condition. The exterior of this set sports a gold oriental motif stenciled on an asphaltum finish. This detailed motif is featured on the top and three sides of the spice box and is very clean and free of any scratches. The hasp assembly and hinges on this spice box are intact and function perfectly. The interior of the box is in near mint condition and is finished in a wonderful copper colored japanned finish. Each of the six individual spice containers is stenciled in gold with the following spice names: Nutmeg, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Allspice and Mace. The interiors of the individual tins still retain their bright finish and all of the tins are free of scratches or dents. This wonderful specimen stands 3 ½” tall by 9 Ό” X 6”. Each of the tins stands 2 7/8” tall with a diameter of 3”. Spice sets of this vintage, in a condition this good, are a rare find and this museum quality specimen would will hold it’s own in any collection.

Victorian Spice SetVictorian Spice Set




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