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Online Antique Appraisals - PACC Certified Appraiser

Our online appraisal service is a convenient and inexpensive way to find out the value of your kitchen related antiques. Simply fill out the form below and send the information. You will get a response telling you how to send photos of the item to be appraised. Once we have all of the information the appraisal will be conducted and you will be notified when it is complete. You will then receive an email with payment information - when payment has been received the full appraisal will be emailed to you – or, if you prefer, mailed to you. If an item can not be accurately appraised or can not be properly identified you will be notified and no charge will be made.
Appraisal cost is only $2.95

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Antique Appraisals - Online Antique Appriasals



Please note that our Online Appraisal's are based on the information that you send us and therefore hypothetical in nature. Although our Appraisal's are based on the most current sales results available they should not be used for Insurance, Estate or Tax purposes . Our Online Appraisal's are provided for their educational value only ! To prepare an Appraisal for Insurance coverage , Estate or Tax purposes an Appraiser is required to personally examine the items in question. If we find that the information sent to us indicates a valuable Antique or Collectible we will refer you to a Personal Property Appraiser in your area as part of our appraisal service.

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