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Antique Tin Ware

Vintage Chef carries hundreds of antique tin ware items ranging from biscuit cutters and cookie cutters to strainers and whips.  Peruse our items and you are likely to find a specimen you didn't even know exists.

Our tin ware items are listed by category according to function.

Antique nutmeg graters and graters. Antique Graters and Nutmeg Graters

Vintage Chef offers a large variety of antique food and nutmeg graters.  Graters are a collectable that comes in an endless variety and range from simple and functional to elaborate designs.  Our offerings include both the mass produced and individually made, one of a kind variety.

Antique biscuit and doughnut cutters. Antique Biscuit and Doughnut Cutters

Vintage biscuit and doughnut cutters in a variety of forms.  Vintage Chef offers biscuit and doughnut cutters in the nested variety as well as strap handled specimens.

Antique cookie or cake cutters. Antique Cookie or Cake Cutters

Cookie cutters come in a seemingly endless variety and make a great collectable.  If there was ever a kitchen collectable that falls into the realm of folk art cookie cutters would be at the top of the list.  Vintage Chef carries cookie / cake cutter specimens ranging from antique tin to the vintage collectible type.

Antique Molds

Antique molds come in an endless variety of sizes and shapes and lend themselves to many purposes.  As useful in food preparation today as they were in years gone by they also can be utilized as beautiful


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