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Good source books for the old cowboy and western music are getting increasingly difficult to find and tend to go out of print quickly.  If you are trying to build a reference library it's worth picking them up when you can find them.  The, now out of print,  "Cowboy and Western Songs - A comprehensive Anthology" is going for as high as $110 in "as new" condition and very few are available.  Good books are an investment worth having.  Here is a worth while collection of books worthy of your consideration.

Cowboy and Western Songs - A Comprehensive Anthology
This info-packed, 372-page collection features 200 American cowboy songs with complete lyrics, lead lines and guitar chords, plus an extensive introduction, notes on the songs, illustrations by J.K. Ralston throughout, a lexicon of cowboy terms, a general index and an index of titles and first lines, and more. Songs include: Billy the Kid * Blood on the Saddle * Buffalo Gals * Clementine * Dakota Land * The Girl I Left Behind Me * Going West * Jesse James * Johnny Cake * Old Paint * Punchin' Dough * Red River Valley * Red Wing * Shenandoah * Steamboat Bill * The Streets of Laredo * The Texas Cowboy * and many more.

Out Of Print

The Buffalo Hunters
The Wild Rippling Water
A Hunting Tale
Old Rosin The Beau
The Wagoner's Lad
Bonny Black Bess
Johnny Cake
Rigby Johnson Chandler
Root Hog Or Die
Joe Bowers
Ox Driving Song
A Ripping Trip
The California Brothers
Steamboat Bill
That Is Even So
The Wells And Fargo Line
Sweet Betsy From Pike
Freighting From Wilcox To Globe
Whoa! Ha! Buck And Jerry Boy
The Lane County Bachelor
Dakota Land
The Dreary Black Hills
The Little Old Sod Shanty
St. George And The Drag-On
Hell In Texas
Idyl Of The Plains
When I Was A Cowboy
The Hills Of Mexico
The Texas Cowboy
In Kansas
My Ma Was Born In Texas
Cowboy Boasters
Life In A Prairie Shaack
Punchin' Dough
Blood On The Saddle
The Lavendar Cowboy
The Indian's Death Song
Haunted Wood
Fair Lady Of The Plains
Sioux Indians
Texas Jack
Custer's Last Charge
Billy Veniro
Little Mohea
Belle Brandon
Mustang Gray
Red Wing
Border Affair
Going West
Lily Of The West
Where The Bravest Cowboys Lie
Red River Valley
Red River Shore
Down In The Valley
Roving Cowboy
Bucking Bronco
Powder River
The Girl I Left Behind Me
My Parents Raised Me Tenderly
The Girl That Wore A Waterfall
No Use For Thee Women
The Trail To Mexico
The Strawberry Roan
The Educated Feller (Zebra Dun)
The Tenderfoor
The Moonshine Steer
Tying Knots In The Devil's Trail
Windy Bill
Git Along Little Dogies
Railroad Corral
The Old Chisholm Trail
Little Joe The Wrangler
Utah Carl
When The Work's All Done This Fall
Lay Down Little Doggies
Old Paint
The Poor Lonesome Cowboy
Donney Gal
The Cowboy's Life
Wee Little Piute
Blue Mountain
Cowboy's Home Sweet Home
Curtains Of Night
Bring Him Back Dead Or Alive
I've Been All Around This World
Jesse James
Cole Younger
Sam Bass
Billy The Kid
Queen Of The Desperadoes
Shoot The Buffalo
Skip To My Lou
Up And Down The Railroad Track
Buffalo Gals
Red River Gal
Bunkhouse Orchestra
The High-Toned Dance
At A Cowboy Dance
Snagtooth Sal
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Home On The Range
The Cowboy's Ride
The Old Cowboy
Cattle Call
The Pecos Punchers
Way Out In Idaho
Lone Star Trail
The Last Longhorn
Cowboy Again For A Day
The Dying Cowboy
The Dying Outlaw
The Streets Of Laredo
The Dying Cowboy Of Rim Rock Ranch
Cowboy's Meditation
The Grand Roundup
The Cowboy's Soliloquy
The Glory Trail
The Hell-Bound Train
The Cattleman's Prayer
The Buffalo Range
A Cowboy's Prayer


Cowboy Songs - 62 Classic Saddle Songs

A great compilation of well know and not so well known cowboy songs arranged for piano, vocal and guitar.  Includes all time great songs such as - Back In The Saddle Again - Happy Trails - Streets of Loredo and more.

Retail - $14.95
The Pickin' Parlor Price - $13.45


Along The Navajo Trail
Back In The Saddle Again
Billy Barlow
Blue Shadows On The Trail
Buffalo Gals (Won't You Come Out Tonight?)
Buffalo Skinners
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
Call Of The Canyon
The Colorado Trail
Columbus Stockade Blues
The Cowboy Blues
Cowboy's Heaven
Dear Old Western Skies
Don't Take Your Guns To Town
Dude Ranch Cowhands
Empty Saddles
Git Along, Little Dogies
Happy Trails
High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)
Hold On Little Dogies, Hold On
Home On The Range
I Hate To Say Goodbye To The Prairie
I Ride An Old Paint
I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
Jesse James
Jingle Jangle Jingle (I Got Spurs)
The Last Roundup
Listen To The Rhythm Of The Range
Little Joe, The Wrangler
Mexicali Rose
Mule Train
My Old Saddle Pal
Oklahoma Hills
The Old Chisholm Trail
Pecos Bill
Pistol Packin' Mama
The Rambling Gambler
The Red River Valley
Rhythm Of The Hoofbeats
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend)
Ridin' Down The Canyon
San Antonio Rose
Silver On The Sage
Sing Me A Song Of The Saddle
Sioux City Sue
South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
Strawberry Roan
Streets Of Laredo (The Cowboy's Lament)
Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle
Teardrops In My Heart
That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
There's An Empty Cot In The Bunkhouse Tonight
The Trail To Mexico
Twilight On The Trail
Utah Carroll
Wagon Wheels
When It's Night Time In Nevada
When The Work's All Done This Fall
The Wild Rippling Water
The Yellow Rose Of Texas

Ranger Doug Rides the Rhythm Range - DVD

Swing rhythm never left, but it's getting harder to find someone to teach it! Noted swing rhythm guitarist Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky takes you step-by-step through the process of expanding your technique on swing rhythm. Whether you play in a swing band, a cowboy quartet like Riders in the Sky, or gypsy jazz, this DVD offers you an absolutely unique and up-close look at chord forms, patterns, right and left hand technique, and insider tips by a swing rhythm master who has been playing this style for over 30 years. In addition, two western classics, “Wah Hoo” and “Tumbling Tumbleweed,” are not only broken down and explained in detail, but are performed by 2-time Grammy winners Riders in the Sky in a mini-concert, so that the lesson on those two tunes is exemplified in live performance. Saddle up, saddle pal, and ride the Rhythm Range with Ranger Doug! Includes transcription booklet.



Learn To Sing Western Harmony
Taught By Riders In The Sky

Sing along with Riders in the Sky as they pass along a magnificent American vocal music tradition. In the lighthearted, humorous manner that has endeared them to millions of fans, Ranger Doug, Too Slim and Woody Paul, with the help of Joey (“the Cowpolka King”) Miskulin, show you how to sing your favorite cowboy, folk and country songs in beautiful three- and four-part harmony.


Ranger Doug Songs Of The Sage

Features original western songs from Ranger Doug Green, the idol of American youth and member of the popular western singing group Riders in the Sky. Includes 25 songs from their many recordings: Blue Montana Skies • Night Riding Song • Here Comes the Santa Fe • That's How the Yodel Was Born • Lonely Yukon Stars • Prairie Serenade • and many more. Features the story behind each song, plus lots of photos. 'It's the cowboy way!'


Rhythm Guitar The Ranger Doug Way

Laying down that solid groove for the rest of the band is a joy! In this book, 26 tunes are transcribed in varying levels of difficulty: a basic rhythm approach for the newcomers, then more adventurous and different approaches. Songs are included from styles spanning western swing, fiddle tunes, ballads, jazz standards and a polka. Playing tips are included for each song, plus you'll learn rhythm history, guitar theory, the right hand, a basic chord chart, and more.



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