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Cowboy and Western Songs - A Comprehensive Anthology
This info-packed, 372-page collection features 200 American cowboy songs with complete lyrics, lead lines and guitar chords, plus an extensive introduction, notes on the songs, illustrations by J.K. Ralston throughout, a lexicon of cowboy terms, a general index and an index of titles and first lines, and more. Songs include: Billy the Kid * Blood on the Saddle * Buffalo Gals * Clementine * Dakota Land * The Girl I Left Behind Me * Going West * Jesse James * Johnny Cake * Old Paint * Punchin' Dough * Red River Valley * Red Wing * Shenandoah * Steamboat Bill * The Streets of Laredo * The Texas Cowboy * and many more.

Out Of Print

Cowboy Songs - 62 Classic Saddle Songs

A great compilation of well know and not so well known cowboy songs arranged for piano, vocal and guitar.  Includes all time great songs such as - Back In The Saddle Again - Happy Trails - Streets of Loredo and more.

Retail - $14.95
The Pickin' Parlor Price - $13.45

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A Ballad Of The War
A Christmas Of Long Ago
A Cowboy's Best Friend
A.D. 1867
A Death-bed
After All
A Fair Lady of The Plains

A Fragment
A Health
All Quiet Along the Potomac
At Gilbraltar
A Sigh
At Last
A Man Named Hods
A Mood
Annabel Lee
Arapahoe, Or Buckskin Joe
A Serenade
At A Cowboy Dance
At Night
The Arizona Boys And Girls
Arizona Killer


Bad Company
Back in the Saddle Again
The Baltimore Grays
The Bandit's Grave
Bar Z On A  Sunday Night
Barbara Allen
Barbery Allen
Battle Cry Of Freedom
The Battle of Richmond
The Battle Rainbow
The Battlefield
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Be Thou a Bird, My Soul
Bedouin Song
Big Corral
Billy Boy
Billy the Kid
Bill Peters, The Stage Driver
Bill Vanero
The Black Regiment
Blood on the Saddle
Blue Mountain
A Boarder Affair
Bob Stanford
Boomer Johnson
Bonnie Blue Flag
Bonnie Black Bess
The Boozer
Brigham Young 1
Brigham Young 2
The Bronc That Wouldn't Bust
Bronc Peeler's Song
Bronco Versus Bicycle
Brown Eyed Lee
The Boston Burglar
The Bucket
The Bucking Bronco
The Bull Whacker
Buena Vista Battlefield
Buffalo Gals
Buffalo Hunters
The Buffalo Skinners
The Bull Fight
The Bunk House Orchestra
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
By Markantura's Flowery Marge
Bye and Bye


California Joe
The California Stage Company
The Call Of The Plains
The Campfire Has Gone Out
Carolina - 1861
Cattle Call
The Cattle Roundup
The Chambered Nautilus
Charlie Rutlage
The Chariot
The Chase
The Cherry Tree Carol
Chickamauga - The Stream of Death
Children's Song
The City in the Sea
The Clowns Baby
Cole Younger
Colorado Trail
Come All You Wild Rovers
Come Listen To A Ranger
Concord Hymn
The Convict
A Cowboy Alone With His Conscience
A Cowboy At The Carnival
Cowboy Versus Broncho
The Cowboy And The Maid
The Cowboys' Ball
The Cowboy's Christmas Ball
A Cowboy Race
A Cowboy Toast
The Cowboy To His Friend In Need
A Cowboy's Worrying Love
The Cowboy's Valentine
Cool Water
A Cow Camp On The Range
The Cowboy
The Cowboy
The Cowboy At Church
The Cowboy At Work
The Cowboy's Christmas Ball
A Cowboy's Hopeless Love
A Cowboy's Love Song
A Cowboy's Son
A Cowboy Song
Cowboy Jack
Cowboys Dream
The Cowboy's Lament
The Cowboy's Life
The Cowboy's Meditation
The Cowgirl
Cowmans Prayer
Cowboys Ride
Crooked Trail To Holbrook (Arizon-i-o)
Cross The Brazos From Waco
Crossing The Divide
The Crowded Street
The Cruel Brother
Custer's Last Charge


Dakotah Land
Dan Taylor
The Dance At Silver Valley
A Dance At The Ranch
The Day is Done
Days Of 49
Dear Old Daddy Of Mine
The Death Of Jefferson Davis
A Deer Hunt
Denver Jim
The Desert
The Deserted Adobe
Diamond Joe
The Discoverer
Dirge for Ashby
Dirge for a Soldier
The Disappointed Tenderfoot
The Disheartened Ranger
Dixie Land
Dogie Song
Down By The Brazos
Down in the Valley
Down South On The Rio Grande
Dreary Black Hills
Dreary, Dreary Life
Drinking Song
The Drunkard's Hell
The Drunken Desperado
Dutch Lullaby
Dying Cowgirl
Dying Outlaw
The Dying Ranger


The Empty Sleeve
The End Of The Trail
Evening Song
Eve's Daughter
The Eavesdropper


The Fair Fanny Moore
The Fall of the Leaf
The False Knight
The Fire of Driftwood
The Flight
The Flight of Youth
Foreman Monroe
Freckles A Fragment
The Fools Of Forty Nine
The Fools Prayer
Freighting From Wilcox To Globe
Fuller And Warren
The Future


Gal I Left Behind Me
Gay Caballero
Git Along Little Dogies
The Gila Monster Route
The Glory Trail
Gol-Darned Wheel
Goober Peas
Grave of Albert Sidney Johnston
The Great Roundup
Greer County
The Guerrillas: A Southern War Song


The Habbit
The Hangman's Song
Hard Times
The Happy Miner
Harry Bale
The Haunted Palace
He Made the Stars Also
The Hell Bound Train
Hell In Texas
Her Epitaph
Her White Bosom Bare
Here's To The Ranger
High Chin Bob
Home Sweet Home
Home on the Range
Hoosier Dialect
The Horse Wrangler
The House Carpenter
The House of Death
The Humble Bee
Hunting Song


I'd Like to be in Texas
The Insult
I'm A Good Old Rebel
In August
Indian Summer
In Absence
In The Hospital
In the Twilight
The Irrepressible Conflict
I've Got No Use For The Women
I Want My Time


 Jack Dempsey's Grave
Jack O' Diamonds
Jerry an' Me
Jerry, Go Ile That Car
Jesse James
The Jew Lady
The Jewish Lady
Jim Farrow
Jim Wilson
Jimmy Randolph
Joe Bowers
John Browns Body
John Garner's Trail Herd
Johnny Randall
Jolly Cowboy
Juan Murray
Just A Ridin!
Just Before the Battle Mother


Kansas Line
Kentucky Required To Yield Her Arms
The Kings


Lackey Bill
The Land of King Cotton
The Last Leaf
The Last Longhorn
The Legend Of Boastful Bill
Life In A Half Breed Shack
Lincoln's Troops
Little Boy Blue
Little Giffin
Little Joe the Wrangler
Little Matthy Groves
Little Old Sod Shanty
The Lone Buffalo Hunter
The Lone Sentrey
Lone Star Trail
Lord Bayham
Lord Lovel
Lord Lover
Lord Thomas
Love In Disguise
Love Lyrics Of A Cowboy
The Lowlands Low


Macaffie's Confession
Marching Through Georgia 
Marta Of Milrone
The Maryland Yellow-throat
Me and My Burro
The Melancholy Cowboy
The Metis Song of the Buffalo Hunters
The Miners Song
Mississippi Girls
The Mormon Bishops Lament
A Mormon Song
Mustang Gray
Muster Out The Ranger
My Life is Like the Summer Rose
My Love
My Love Is A Rider
My Maryland
My Ma Was Born In Texas
My Playmate
My Strawberry


Negro Lullaby
New National Anthem
A Nevada Cowpuncher To His Beloved
Night Herding Song
No More
Not Doubtful of Your Fatherland


The Ol' Cow Hawse
O Fairest of the Rural Maids
Old Chisholm Trail
Old Cowboys Lament
The Old Cowman
Old Cowhand From The Rio Grande
Old Flying U
Old Ironsides
The Old Gray Mule
Old Kentucky Home
Old Moultrie
The Old Man Under The Hill
The Old MacKenzie Trail
The Old Man In The North Countree
Old Paint
Old Rosin The Bow
Old Time Cowboy
The Old Scouts Lament
The Old Scouts Lament 2
On a Bust of Dante
On an Intaglio Head of Minerva
Only One Killed
Only a Soldiers Grave
On Being Asked, Whence is the Flower
On the Death of Joseph Rodman Drake
On the Life Mask of Abraham Lincoln
Our Confederate Dead
Only A Cowboy
Our Dead Heroes
Our Little Cowgirl
The Outlaw
Out Where The West Begins
Over The River
Ox Driving Song

Paradisi Gloria
Pattonio, The Pride of the Plain
The Pecos Queen
The Phantom Host
President Davis
A Prisoner For Life
Poor Lonesome Cowboy
The Port of Ships
A Prayer For Peace
Pro Memoria
Promise of Spring
Punchin Dough



A Ranger
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Railroad Corral
Rambling Boy
The Rambling Cowboy
The Range Riders
Rangers Command
Rattlesnake - A Ranch Haying Song
The Raven
Red River Shore
Red River Valley
Red Wing
The Return
Riders Of The Stars
Riding Down the Canyon
Riding Song
The Rifleman's Fancy Shot
Ripping Trip
The Road To Cook's Peak
The Road To Ruin
Root Hog Or Die
Rounded Up In Glory
Roy Bean
Roving Cowboy
Rye Whiskey


Sam Bass
San Antonio Rose
The Sea's Voice
The Secret
The Shallows Of The Ford
She Came and Went
The Sheep Herder
The Silence of Love
Silver Jack
Sioux Indians
Sir Humphrey Gilbert
The Shanty Boy
The Skew-Ball Black
Skip to My Lou
Skipper Ireson's Ride
The Sleeper
Snagtooth Sal
Song Of Spring
The Song of the Camp
Song of the Chattahoochee
The Song Of The Metis Trapper
The Soldier In The Rain
The Southern Republic
Southron's Chaunt Of Defiance
Southern War Hymn
Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
Sparkling and Bright
The State Of Arkansaw
Starving to Death on a Government Claim
Still in Thy Love I Trust
Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson - A Dirge
Stonewall Jacksons Way
Strong as Death
Song Of The Cattle Trail
The Sour Winds
The Southern Cross
The Southern Homes In Ruin
Strawberry Roan
Streets of Loredo
The Summer Rain
Sweet Betsy From Pike
Sweet William
The Sword of Robert Lee


Tail Piece
Tall Men Riding
Tell The Boys The War Is Ended
Telling the Bees
Texas Cowboy
The Texas Cowboy And The Mexican Greaser
Texas Jack
Texas Rangers
That Day You Came
There's Life In The Old Land Yet
Three Little Babes
Three Sailor Boys
The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls
To A Dead Woman
To America
To England
To a Waterfowl
To Hear Him Tell It
To Helen
To Lily
To One in Paradise
To the Dandelion
To the Fringed Gentian
To the Past
Top Hand
Toujours Amour
Trail to Mexico
Tramp Tramp Tramp
The Transformation Of A Texas Girl
The Tree, The Serpent, And The Star
A Tropical Morning at Sea
Trouble For the Range Cook
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Two Little Boys
The Two Sisters
Tying Knots In the Devils Tail


Under the Violets
Unreconstructed Rebel
Unseen Spirits
The U.S.A. Recruit
The U-S-U Range
Utah Carol


Vacant Chair
The Valley of Unrest
The Veery
The Vigalantes
The Village Blacksmith


Wagoners Lad
The Wars Of Germany
Way Down In Mexico
The Way to Arcady
Wells And Fargo Line
Westward Ho
What The Village Bell Said
When Bob Got Throwed
When I Was a Brave Cowboy

When Johnny Comes Marching Home
When the Bloom is on the Sage
When the Works All Done This Fall
When the Sultan Goes to Ispahan
When You're Throwed
Where The Grizzly Dwells
The Wife Wrapped In A Wether's Skin
The Whip-poor-will
Whiskey Bill A Fragment
The White Jessamine
Whose Old Cow
Who's That Calling So Sweet
The Wild Honeysuckle
Wild Rippling Waters
Wild Rover
Windy Bill
With a Gift of Fresh Palm Leaves
A Woman's Thought
The Woods that Brings the Sunset Near
The Wreck of the Hesperus



Ye Cavaliers of Dixie
Ye Men Of Alabama
Yellow Rose of Texas
Yellow Rose of Texas
You Are My Sunshine
Young Charlottie
Young Companions


Zebra Dun


Power Search!


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