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There are many other good sites on the web dealing with the Old West and re-enacting.  Here are some of my favorites.

Top Hands


It has been a long time since a cowboy singer has come along that is oriented toward kids.  We are talking good, wholesome, fun cowboy music.  I guess I qualify as an old kid because I keep playing Buck Howdy's new album, "Skidaddle", over and over and over........  The Buck Howdy web site is an absolute hoot for anyone to visit.  Those buggy eyed horses never fail to crack me up.  Saddle up and visit
 Buck Howdy.


Jon Chandler - Mr. Chandler is probably one of the most impressive "western" song writers to come around in a long while.  Not only that, the guy is an award winning book writer.  "Spanish Peaks" will knock your socks off.  Just one review ---

The Spanish Peaks reminds us that human beings are essentially alone.  The Author pities them, loves them, and grieves with them...The rich narrative, interesting characters, and exciting action make this a memorable book. 

He's in touch with "Western"!!!


Western Music Association

The Western Music Association  The WMA's goal is to keep the spirit and romance of the west alive by ensuring that western music is preserved for future generations as well as carried on by contemporary western artists.  This is the most important resource on the internet for performers and fans of true "Western Music".  These folks just keep it going, and going, and going...........


    Old West Alive - I had the pleasure of meeting Thadd Turner.  This is a guy who literally lives the Old West.  Mr. Turner is an important author who really knows his old west history.   He can shoot the eye out of a gnat, and he even does stunt work - that means he falls off of horses on purpose - which is something I do very well naturally.  Gets my vote!!!!! 


 CowBoyPoetry.com  Home of the largest collection of cowboy poetry on the internet.  This is really a beautiful site.  Just screams cowboy!!!



Lone Hand

Great Buckaroos

Cattle Kate - This unique line of Western Apparel offered by Cattle Kate is all manufactured in rural America with great attention to detail. The generous amounts of fine quality fabrics in this Western Clothing, the exquisite trims and the finishing touches will remind you of Western Clothing and Western Wear made by skilled pioneer women from the past.

Kirkpatrick Leather  - These folks build some of the best holsters in the business including those great looking Hollywood and Old West rigs.  They are bound to have something that will tickle your fancy.

The Buffalo Soldiers   - A wonderful presentation of an important part of western history.  A great resource for fans of the buffalo soldiers and the Indian wars of the west.

Wildest Westerns Magazine  - Where your favorite classic and contemporary westerns are showcased along with the heroes and villains who shaped them.

  CowBoyPoetry.com  Home of the largest collection of cowboy poetry on the internet.  This is really a beautiful site.

The American Old West   A nice summary of Old West History.


 Non award winners but some great



Chuck Wagon Shows