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Vintage Chef - Fine culinary and household antiques - kitchen antiques - cookie cutters - tin and more.

Vintage Chef offers the finest antique kitchen utensils and Kitchenalia - cooking ware and accoutrements for the chuck wagon cook, historical re-enactors and fans of antique kitchen ware. Whether you are looking for graniteware, Dover egg beaters, antique tins and tin ware, large coffee boilers, or another kitchen treasure, you are apt to find it at
Vintage Chef.

Culinary & Kitchen Antiques

Vintage Chef offers the finest Kitchenalia

Jar - Oil - C. Riessner SOLD
This is a very scarce, museum quality, C. Riessner and Co. Oil Jar in excellent condition. This beautiful jar and tin carrier would make a perfect addition to any chuckbox or historical re-enactment. The tin carrier has pillared sides and two windows to allow a visual measurement of the jar contents. The jar lid still has the faint image of a logo as well as the patent dates of March 30, 1852 and March 30, 1872. The beautiful blue glass jar can slide out of the tin carrier and is actually double embossed on its bottom with “C. Riessner & Co. - NY - PAT - FEB 12, 78”. This would make a great molasses or honey jar in any kitchen or make a beautiful accent piece in any room. The entire specimen has a height of 6” with a bottom diameter of 4 ½”.
Antique Victorian Spice Set SOLD
This is a beautiful example of an early spice box in Excellent condition. With it's asphaltum paint and gold stenciling this box presents wonderfully. The box is constructed with a hinged lid on either side of the handle that can be lifted to reveal separate compartments. The six compartments are labeled Nutmegs, Cinnamon, Cloves, Allspice, Mustard, Ginger. The details on this spice box are very nice with even the handle having the lightest touch of gold trim. Both of the tin covers open and close freely and there is no sign of rust on the entire specimen. The box has a length of 9” and a depth of 6 1/4” the height is 4 1/2” not including the 3/4” wide handle. It is very seldom that you find a spice box of this style in a condition this pristine – this specimen is a real gem.
Tin Container -  Starch Tin Container - Starch
Here is an attractive large sized tin container in Good + condition. This attractive container is stenciled with the word Starch and has the pleasing patina of old tin. It even has its original hasp intact. A container such as this would be perfect for holding your sugar or bench flour in a chuck box or period kitchen. The container has a height of 7” and a diameter of 7 ¼”. Specimens like this are very scarce and make perfect additions to any collection of antique tinware.

Articles Of Interest

Vintage Chef articles on culinary history and Victorian etiquette. Be sure to visit the Articles of Interest section for articles dealing with with proper table setting, etiquette Victorian style, food history and more.  We will also be sprinkling the site with vintage recipes, especially as they pertain to unusual types of vintage cook ware.  Watch for new postings in the way of graniteware, tin ware, cake cutters (cookie cutters), wooden ware, vintage molds and lots more.

Vintage Kitchen Collectibles

Kitchenalia and Kitchen Antiques

Vintage graniteware including cooking utensils, coffee boilers, and enamelware by Crow Canyon Home Graniteware
Fine specimens of graniteware including all forms of cooking vessels and those much sought after large coffee boilers.  A fine assortment of pie plates,  pots,  pans,  and other articles.
Period specimens including spice and coffee tins as well as  other containers for the chuckbox or period camp.  Here you will find a wide variety of tin storage containers including the hard to find spice sets.  This tin ware is perfect for rounding out an accurate period camp kitchen.
Flatware and Cutlery
Specimens of vintage flatware as well as all those necessary cooking implements.  Fine examples including Keen Kutters, Frary,  and other manufacturers.
The General Store offers a wide variety of antique cooking utensils, beaters, tin ware, and other goods
An array of implements needed to round out your presentation.  This section is close to a vintage department store.  A very nice assortment of biscuit cutters, beaters, kitchen tools, utensils, and some items you don't know you needed until you see them.  You will find numerous examples of antique tin kitchen utensils.
Memorabilia pertaining to chuckwagon and vintage cooking Memorabilia
Items that are not necessarily vintage but that pertain to vintage cooking situations and are collectable non the less.

Antiques Antiques
This section contains household and other antiques that do not pertain to the culinary arts.  Here you will find everything from dresser jars to Victorian bleeding cups, books, antique tools, bottles and other antique treasures.


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