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Cowboy, Western and Civil War Songbooks 

Cowboy, Western and Civil War songbooks can be difficult to find.  Here is an offering of current titles to add to your historical music library.

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Civil War Song Books, Cowboy and Western Songbooks.

Cowboy Songs 

Cowboy and Western Songs - A Comprehensive Anthology

This info-packed, 372-page collection features 200 American cowboy songs with complete lyrics, lead lines and guitar chords, plus an extensive introduction, notes on the songs, illustrations by J.K. Ralston throughout, a lexicon of cowboy terms, a general index and an index of titles and first lines, and more. Songs include: Billy the Kid * Blood on the Saddle * Buffalo Gals * Clementine * Dakota Land * The Girl I Left Behind Me * Going West * Jesse James * Johnny Cake * Old Paint * Punchin' Dough * Red River Valley * Red Wing * Shenandoah * Steamboat Bill * The Streets of Laredo * The Texas Cowboy * and many more.

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Cowboy Song Books

Cowboy Songs - 62 Classic Saddle Songs

A great compilation of well know and not so well known cowboy songs arranged for piano, vocal and guitar.  Includes all time great songs such as - Back In The Saddle Again - Happy Trails - Streets of Loredo and more.

Retail - $14.95
The Pickin' Parlor Price - $13.45

Cowboy Song Books

Learn To Sing Western Harmony

Learn To Sing Western Harmony

Sing along with Riders in the Sky as they pass along a magnificent American vocal music tradition. In the lighthearted, humorous manner that has endeared them to millions of fans, Ranger Doug, Too Slim and Woody Paul, with the help of Joey (“the Cowpolka King”) Miskulin, show you how to sing your favorite Cowboy, folk and country songs in beautiful three- and four-part harmony.

The Riders break down their well-honed vocal arrangements of some of the greatest songs of the genre: Red River Valley, Tumbling Tumbleweed, Cool Water and Home On The Range. They teach the melody, and then add the tenor/soprano and baritone/alto lines individually. Singing each song several times, they omit each part so you can add your harmony along with the group. This enjoyable interactive method will teach you all the elements of an arrangement and prepare you to carry your own harmony when you join in with your friends and singing partners.

As Ranger Doug will tell you, “It’s the cowboy way.”

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Cowboy Song BooksA Treasury Of Civil War Songs

A Treasury of Civil War Songs
25 Songs of The Union and the Confederacy

The songs in this volume are passports back in time to the noise of battle, the pain of separation and loss, and the shackles of slavery. It includes 25 songs of the union and the confederacy, matching Tom Glazer's recorded album A Treasure Of Civil War Songs, and includes historical notes for each song. Titles include: All Quiet Along The Potomac Tonight * The Arms Of Abraham * The Battle Cry Of Freedom * Battle Hymn Of The Republic * Dixie * John Brown's Body * Somebody's Darling * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * The Yellow Rose Of Texas * and more.

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Cowboy Song Books

Ranger Doug -  Songs of the Sage

Ranger Doug - Songs of the Sage

 Features original western songs from Ranger Doug Green, the idol of American youth and member of the popular western singing group Riders in the Sky. Includes 25 songs from their many recordings: Blue Montana Skies * Night Riding Song * Here Comes the Santa Fe * That's How the Yodel Was Born * Lonely Yukon Stars * Prairie Serenade * and many more. Features the story behind each song, plus lots of photos. 'It's the cowboy way!'

Retail $14.95
The Pickin' Parlor Price $13.45

Cowboy Song Books

Slave Songs of the United States

Slave Songs of the United States

One of the first documentary collections of Negro folk songs was compiled in 1867 by William Francis Allen, Charles Pickard Ware and Lucy McKim Garrison. Under the title Slave Songs of the United States, this collection of 136 authentic folk songs of the Negro people revolutionized America's understanding of this music. The book, which contains spirituals, work songs, field hollers, soldier songs of Civil War days, and freedom songs, has become a classic of its kind. These songs provide the basis for subsequent expressions of gospel music, blues, and jazz. In 1965, composer Irving Schlein created sensitive and useful piano settings for every song from the original edition. Chords for guitar have also been added to the musical notation. The result is a magnificent and practical volume of songs of great historical value designed for contemporary use.

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Cowboy Song Books

Ballads And Songs Of The Civil War

Ballads & Songs Of The Civil War

This comprehensive and historically significant collection captures the hope and tragedy of the Civil War era with period photographs and lithographs. Includes guitar/vocal and guitar solo arrangements of 38 favorite songs of the period. Songs are classified by subject matter: The Union, the Confederacy, Lincoln, universal sentiments, soldier's songs, battles, Negro spirituals & abolitionist songs, the lighter side, and post-bellum. Written in standard notation and tablature.

Song List:

Abraham's Daugher, All Quiet Along the Potomac, Before the Battle, Mother, Billy Barlow Billy Barlow - On the Times, Cairo, Cumberland Gap, Dixie's Land, Do They Miss Me At Home?, Go Down, Moses, Goober Peas, Home, Sweet Home, Johnny Is My Darling, Lincoln and Liberty, Lorena, Marching Through Georgia, Maryland My Maryland, Old Abe Lincoln Came Out Of The Wilderness, Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade, Riding a Raid, Slavery Chain Done Broke at Last, Somebody's Darling, Tenting on the Old Camp Ground, The Battle Cry of Freedom (Battle Song), The Battle Cry of Freedom (Rallying Song), The Battle Hymn of the Republic, The Blue and the Gray, The Bonnie Blue Flag, The Cumberland Crew, The Drummer Boy of Shiloh, The New York Volunteer, The Rebel Soldier, The Southern Soldier Boy, The Vacant Chair, The Yellow Rose of Texas, Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!, Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! (Southern Version), We'll Fight For Uncle Abe, Weeping Sad and Lonely, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Who Will Care for Mother Now?

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